Saturday, 12 February 2011

End of another week...

It’s been two days without a post from myself now so I thought I would break the deadlock, so to speak. Thursday passed by largely without incident, apart from the fact I had my first American Football training in a year. That was what can only be described as a shock to the system, and Friday morning was spent hobbling around in a John Wayne-esque manner moaning about life and generally not doing much in the way of anything too strenuous.

I was introduced to another prospective project student around lunchtime. Following a whistlestop tour of my last year of work, I was once again told I was “enthusiastic” and “interesting”. Following a couple of dreams of grandeur where I broke away from my group and formed my own, I was also informed that she didn’t really have any idea what I was talking about, which to be fair I kind of expected but hoped she wouldn’t actually tell me. Oh well, worse things have happened.

Yesterday afternoon was the viva of a former group member. He worked in the lab for a week when I started so I knew who he was and then finished. He passed, my boss cracked out three bottles of champagne and the start of the descent into a night of drunken stupor began at approximately 4:30pm. At 11:30pm when we were finally kicked out of the pub, I’d gone against every aspect of my new year’s resolution and consumed a solid number of pints of ale. Any excuse, eh?

I’ve not really mentioned a lot of chemistry in this post, so I’ll pose a conundrum to anyone who is interested. We found this piece of glassware not too long ago in the lab, and no-one has any idea what it is for. If anyone has a clue, I’m sure people in the lab would be interested to know. Here it is:

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  1. Nice glassware. Some form of separating funnel that allows gas in/out during the separation?