Tuesday, 15 February 2011


            It has been pointed out today that yesterday's post could have put the institution that I work at in a bad light. I hasten to add now that this was never my intention and that I had merely had a particularly poor day yesterday. The actions of a few students and/or myself are not an indication of the day-to-day events within the department. I have nothing but fine words to say about my department and group. I am relatively new (three weeks to be precise) to the whole process of blogging and realise now that I'll have to reign in my slightly more extreme opinions on certain topics. They don't necessarily represent the views of the University at which I work and are in fact completely my own.

Apologies to anyone who has taken any offence, it was in no way intended.


  1. o.O Have you even mentioned where you work, because I think I missed it. If you're worried you could do one of those paragraphs in your "about" section where you say that anything you write about means absolutely nothing about what you do/work with/are affiliated with.

  2. wtf? what did you say that could put the dept in a bad light? you just said that undergrads were incompetent in labs, everyone knows and expects that.

    Anyhows, 2 classics in first year labs this morning.

    girl. "my bunsens not lighting"
    me. "weird, i'll take a look. Ah, you've got it plugged up to the nitrogen line"
    girl. "huh, isnt nitrogen as flammable as gas then?"

    hungover girl. "is ethanol miscible with water?"
    Me. "im guessing you answered that one yourself last night, no?"

  3. Ethanol with water is one that pops up all too often.

    Undergrad: "Why aren't the layers separating?"

    Me: "What are the two layers?"

    Undergrad: "Supposed to be diethyl ether and water, but I used ethanol instead. That's ok right?"